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Balloon Fiesta

Posted on September 24, 2013 in Play

For the first time ever, our Beer Salt crew attended Albuquerque, New Mexico’s famous Balloon Fiesta. Out of the two-week festival, Beer Salt flew in to take its last weekend by storm and delight taste buds everywhere. Every year the number of people in attendance climbs higher than the year before. In 2012 the number of attendees was at 300,000. This year in 2013 there was a whopping 400,000 people.  Our set-up was smack dab across from the beer tent, and that’s exactly how we like it. New Mexico’s finest couldn’t resist our citrus, salty goodness.  Every morning we experienced the cool air, (something we’re not used to in Texas) and got to witness one of the most breath taking sights. The balloons would slowly start airing up before dawn. Once the sun started to rise, they all took off, into the air, one by one. In the evenings it was even better. Every beer tent had all three of our Beer Salt flavors on hand as they watched the balloons glow at sunset. Balloon Fiesta was an event like no other and we will definitely be back for more in 2014.