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Lone Star Rally

Posted on November 5, 2013 in Wheels

The Lone Star Rally, frequently referred to as the Galveston bike rally, is held on Galveston Island, just south of Houston. One cool thing about the Lone Star Rally is that it is completely free to the public. It is considered to be, by far the largest bike rally in Texas, with over 400,000 people in attendance last weekend. Our sweet Mobile Lick Lab was parked right in the mix of it all, just to the left of the Budweiser stage and also within walking distance to 4 different beer booths. Talk about a party!…As if things weren’t crazy enough, did we mention that the opening night of the event was on Halloween? Our colorful set-up stood out among the sea of black leather, so there was no question who the popular kids on the block were. We were even able to dress beers near and far throughout the festival grounds thanks to our tricked-out Beer Salt bikes. This event was one for the records and we know where we will be next October.

Peace out, Amigos!