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One Awesome Tailgate

Posted on November 20, 2013 in Play

            Ok, so let’s start with the bad news, then end with the good.  Unfortunately, last Saturday on November 16th the UT Longhorns ended up losing the game to Oklahoma State.  Now for the good news, that loss didn’t stop them one bit from putting they’re party pants on and throwing an awesome tailgate.  We covered the tailgating area with our Beer Salt girls riding from tailgate to tailgate on our two oversized Beer Salt tricycles (complete with a basket full of free samples, we might add).  In addition, the Beer Salt Tundra was also roaming the streets, spreading joy to every beer drinker out there.  Eventually we set up shop at the Totally Texas Tailgate area on the corner of 17th & San Jacinto.  A BIG SHOUT OUT to those lovely people for hooking us up.  They’re tailgate was complete with food, chips & dip, 7 kegs (each with its own Beer Salt sample box), a designated area with several flat screens to watch the game and even a roasted pig! What a set-up that was…Join us at our next tailgate, this time at UTSA on Saturday the 30th as they go head to head, with Louisiana Tech.  We’ll be posted up with Modelo in front of Sunset Station in San Antonio Tx…See you there!