Our Story

In 1986, Twang founder Roger Treviño Sr. was inspired by the Latino tradition of adding citrus and salt to beer. After observing this ritual on the streets of Mexico and in his hometown of San Antonio, Roger wanted to share this delicious custom with others. From his idea, Beer Salt was born, and the design of the signature mini-beer bottle was created. Originally sold in local San Antonio convenience stores, the  Beer Salt phenomenon took off.

Since the 1980s, Twang has grown significantly.  Beer Salt remains the company’s most popular product and can now be found in three flavors in more than 39 states across the country. Beer enthusiasts can choose from Lemon-Lime, Lime and Caliente 86 (Hot Lime), which launched in 2011 in celebration of Twang’s 25th anniversary.

Today, every bottle of Beer Salt is made in San Antonio, and Roger’s children, Roger Jr., Patrick, Elysia and Jacob, help him operate the family business. The entire Twang team is committed to offering their fans premium Beer Salt made with the finest ingredients and hope they will enjoy it the same way that they do, surrounded by friends and family.

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The family members Jacob, Elysia, Roger Sr., Patrick and Roger Jr. (left to right)

Texas Pride

For nearly 300 years Texas has been a melting pot of cultures. Traditions of the Native Americans, Mexicans and Europeans merged together over time to create a unique culture rooted in community, family and food. It is this special mix of culinary traditions, and the spices that define it, that are at the center of the flavors  that Twang is known for. But we are not satisfied with traditional flavors alone, we look to other cultures and traditions for inspiration. So sit back with your favorite beverage, add an accent of one of our beer or margarita salts, and let us know what you think. We love to hear from our fans. Cheers! Prost! ¡Salud!


Fun Facts