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Michelada Especial Beer Salt

In celebration of Twang's 30th Anniversary, we bring you the bold flavor of a traditional Michelada. The flavorful blend of tomato, lime and chili combines the zesty flavors of a Michelada to create a perfect salt blend for topping off a domestic lager, a Mexican import, tequilas, Bloody Mary's, Micheladas, and other tomato-based drinks.

Lemon-Lime Beer Salt

As the original, classic flavor, Lemon-Lime Beer Salt has been loved by beer drinkers for more than 25 years. The tangy combination of natural lemon-lime and salt adds an exciting new twist to the drinking experience. Try it with Mexican and American lagers and pilsners.

Lime Beer Salt

Inspired by the long standing latino tradition of adding lime and salt to a beer, Lime Beer Salt plays second-fiddle to nobody. The bold lime flavor is a perfect and convenient partner to any Mexican import. Also great on chicken, but best when the chicken is served with beer - you get our point.

Orange Beer Salt

The new fresh flavor is ripe for the licking and its light, orange zest is the perfect addition to any full-bodied American Lager and Belgian style wheat beer.

Hot Lime Beer Salt

Every family has one, and this one is ours - the bad boy of the bunch. Hot Lime is our boldest and most unique flavor yet. We developed it in celebration of our 25th anniversary, but this beast just won’t go back in the cage. Its flavor has just enough heat to make your beer beg for more.

Beer Salt Holster Koozies

Be the coolest at any party with the very unique and custom Hot Lime Holster Koozie! A koozie on the..

Beer Salt 3-Pack

Lime, Lemon-Lime or Caliente 86’ Hot Lime? No longer do you have to choose between the three amazing..