Twang Ambassador Sign Up

What’s up Amigo! Here at Twang, we are more than a company, we are a family. We extend an invitation for you to join our extended family and become a Twang Ambassador. As a Twang Ambassador, you must take the pledge:

I take the pledge to be a Twang Ambassador. I promise to carry my mini-bottle of Beer Salt with pride and be willing to share my precious flavorful salts to my forgetful friends. I will never drink a boring beer again and will add flavor wherever I can. I promise to have a good time and live the Twang lifestyle; easy, fun, flavorful and enjoyable. Finally, I promise to drink the beer and lick the salt. It ain’t gonna lick itself!

Twang is a way of life and we need your help in spreading love of our brands and flavors with the world! As part of our team you will have access to exclusive events, tastings, new products, cool merchandise and much more. Do you want to take the pledge? See you on the other side Amigo!

Please fill out the form  and print your Ambassador Fan Club certificate. Fields marked with an * are required.