What Is It?

Beer Salt is a delicious, citrus-flavored salt inspired by the Latino tradition of adding citrus and salt to beer. Sprinkle our salt combination onto your bottle, can or mug, and take the convenient pocket-sized mini beer bottle with you wherever you go to add flavor and fun to special events and everyday activities.

How to dress a beer:

Beer Salt adds excitement to any beer. We prefer it on domestic lagers and Mexican imports. For a well-dressed longneck, can or mug, follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab a slice of citrus – lime, lemon or orange, it doesn’t matter. No citrus available? That’s okay. We suggest using your tongue!
  2. Rub the citrus juice along the top of your drinking container of choice.
  3. Shake on your favorite flavor of Beer Salt – Hot Lime, Lemon-Lime or Lime.
  4. Lick the salt, drink the beer!


Be bold – Beer’s bold and salty wingman

Warning – Never drink a naked beer